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Make It Easier for Your Patients to Pay

One of the most common reasons patients don’t pay their bills is that they were not offered enough payment options and cannot afford to pay their entire bill at once. Having a system in place that gives you the ability to offer multiple, patient-driven payment options can lead to a more simplified revenue cycle and can significantly accelerate your practice’s cash flow.

Patient Financial Counseling

Help patients uncover solutions to financial responsibility

Enable patients to opt-in, setup, and initiate flexible payment plans configured by your organization.

Non-recourse financing is also an option, allowing your patients to receive the care they need, regardless of their financial ability to cover co-pays and deductibles. Financing terms can be determined by your organization.

Patient Self Service

Mobile-friendly and branded payment experience

Leverage a fully branded, customized, online payment portal designed to deliver a simplified, convenient, and engaging payment experience.

Patients can make quick online payments on new and prior balances, set up payment plans, enroll in electronic notifications, and take advantage of discounts offered by your organization.

Pay-by-text and mobile alerts

Enable patients to make payments from their preferred mobile devices. Convenient, quick, and secure, patients experience familiar options such as pay by text, fast guest checkouts, access to patient portals, IVR, and more.

Additionally, patients have the ability to enroll in electronic alerts and notifications to enhance patient engagement.

Patient Messaging

Increase payment adoption

Did you know that Americans pay more than half their bills online?

At HealthPay24, we believe that convenience should spread to medical bills, too. Patients can get a text reminder and pay right then and there.

Promote events, donations, and fundraisers

Help your community and increase local exposure through event and fundraiser promotions on your patients’ payment receipts.

OSS Health Testimonial

“One of the objectives with HealthPay24 was to reduce the cost per transaction. Prior to HealthPay24, all payments received by patients had to be manually posted back into the billing system. Now, whether it’s an online payment, a point of service payment, whether it’s a cash or a check payment, all of those transactions that are run through HealthPay24 can now be posted back into our billing systems electronically. So, its dramatically reduced the cost to process those payments and its allowed us to re-shift some of our resources to other more value added activities.”

OSS Health

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