Incorporating Everything You Love About Technology into Your Dental Practice

One of the many challenges that dental practices face is collections. Patients stall payments and outstanding bills don’t get paid. It doesn’t help that insurance companies are lowering the fees that are paid to dentists for their services or eliminating coverage for procedures altogether. A good strategy to overcome collection challenges is to incorporate modern technology that consumers come to expect when paying for just about anything. 

Technology is continuing to change the way many industries are doing business and it doesn’t have to be any different for dental practices. By streamlining the way payments are collected and aligning with modern technology trends, dental practices can experience a more efficient process with a solid increase in collections. 

Communicate Via Mobile Device 

Studies show that Americans check their phone roughly 52 times a day. Knowing this, dental practices can get strategic about how they reach patients about their payment responsibility. Incorporating pay-by-text and mobile alerts into a collection strategy can significantly reduce nonpayment and encourage patients to pay their balances in full. 

With a mobile-friendly, branded payment experience, dental practices can leverage an online payment platform that is designed to deliver a simplified, convenient, and engaging payment experience. Dental patients can enroll in electronic alerts and notifications and once notified, can make quick online payments on new or prior balances, set up a payment plan, or take advantage of discounts offered by your practice. 

Since there’s a pretty strong chance your patients are checking their phones quite regularly, a convenient pay-by-text option will allow patients to make quick, secure payments right from their preferred mobile device. 

Offer Digital Payment Methods at Online Checkout 

Acceptable online payment methods have gone beyond the usual Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. These days, consumers are thrilled to see that digital payment methods like PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay are available when making online payments. Many consumers who choose digital payment at checkout, prefer this method because they feel it is more secure and would rather not share their personal and financial information if they don’t have to. Not only that, but consumers love that the checkout process takes a matter of seconds when making digital payments.  

The key here is offering online payment options that meet the needs of your patients and your practice. When your patients have the option to pay the way they want to pay, you can sit back and watch your collection rates rise. 

Snap a Picture, Pay Your Bill 

Online patient payment platforms that integrate with third-party apps, such as Papaya, cater to patients who prefer quick, one-and-done check out processes that are similar to the aforementioned digital payment methods.  

With the Papaya app, patients can snap a pic and pay their bill in seconds. What’s even better is when this payment option is included right in your patient payment portal’s checkout page, your patients can experience the easy, worry-free payment experience that they prefer. All they have to do is choose “pay with Papaya,” snap a photo of their bill, then pick their preferred payment method. Papaya takes care of the rest quickly and securely.  

Improve Financial Outcomes at Your Dental Practice 

When looking at patient payment solutions for your dental practice, it’s important to find one that offers a positive and consistent payment experience, increased patient engagement, and superior payment security. HealthPay24 checks all these boxes. We’re committed to delivering a simple view of every patient’s total financial responsibility in one convenient system that is easy, intuitive, and most importantly, mobile! Your patient’s experience is tailored to match your dental services with digital patient messaging and actionable insights to create a truly patient-driven payment model that delivers exactly what your patients want. 

Get a leg up on your competition and increase your collections by switching to HealthPay24. Request your free demo today!